About Peaks

What began as a hobby for Peaks founder, Dana Meiner, soon became a passionate pursuit. Equipped with a clear vision and a tabletop roaster, this trailblazing female founded Peaks on Vancouver Island in 2006. Almost ten years later, Peaks Coffee continues to challenge tradition and remains committed to offering high quality, no-compromise, laid-back coffee without attitude. With two commercial roasters, Peaks is now helping coffee shops and businesses all over Vancouver Island and across Canada brew the ideal cup for the everyday explorer.


A coffee’s story begins at its origin. So, that’s where Peaks starts. We are inspired to understand the challenges of producing coffee with integrity from bean to cup, while supporting and sustaining the work of communities and families whose livelihoods depend on farming. The environment in which a coffee grows and the effort taken to grow and harvest coffee cannot be disconnected from the quality that ultimately ends up in your cup. Our responsibility and pursuit of specialty coffee is evident in every step of the journey resulting in a distinctive cup with a pure aroma and taste.

We take pride in sourcing socially and environmentally conscious, traceable and sustainable beans. We purchase our beans in small lots based on each country’s seasonality in order to ensure the freshest coffee possible. We also look for unique and distinctive varietals that can stand-alone or compliment other coffee components in a blend.

We source amazing coffee from around the world.


Our roasting philosophy in one word: Respect. Every coffee tells a unique story. We compose a roast profile for each new crop of coffee beans that showcases the best flavor and aroma it has to offer. This individualized approach to roasting allows us to bring out the best attributes of the coffee. Operating two low-volume commercial roasters, a Diedrich IR12, and an Ambex YM5, Peaks Coffee can fulfill its wholesale demands while maintaining an artisan approach to the craft.